Endodontic Handpiece Speed 4:1

Endodontic Handpiece Speed 4:1

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Speed 4:1 endodontic handpiece best deal.

Feature: fiber optic light, powered by electric motor, inner water spray system.

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endo handpiece speed 4:1


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Product Description

Contra angle Endodontic handpiece

It is a specially designed electric motor-driven handpiece that works in the continuous as well as reciprocating mode.

Speed 4:1 endodontic handpiece is compatible with all types of rotary endodontic files, including wave one and conventional systems.

Furthermore, it provides effective root canal therapy without any noise and resistance to insertion and removal.

It efficiently removes the dental pulp from the canals and has a long working life.

Material: It is made of stainless steel that is carrion resistant.


It is used in root canal therapy for the removal of the dental pulp.

It is also used for trimming of tooth and cavity preparation.


  • Ratio: 4:1
  • Bur applicable: CA Burs Diameter 2.35 mm
  • Max Speed: 10, 000 min/rpm
  • Connection: Standard E-type, compatible with W&H, KaVo, NSK, powered by electric motor.
  • Water spray: Single internal irrigation system with anti-retraction.
  • Light source: Glass rod fiber optic technology.