NSK Handpiece Parts

NSK Handpiece Parts

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nsk handpiece spare parts

Spare parts for NSK hand piece

  • 4 water spray, Fiber Optic, motors are 4 holes and 6 hole options
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Product Description

NSK Handpiece Parts

The handpiece parts are compatible with NSK brand, from mini, standard, torque, 45° contra-angle to 6 holes and 4 holes motor.

Hand piece is push button, 4 water spraying system, and fiber optic light source.

Coupling connector is 4 holes and 6 holes available to choose from here.

All the spare parts are the same dimension as original NSK, and compatibility.

spare parts compatibility of NSK Handpiece

Dentist can choose the suitable one for your dentistry treatment practitioner, the spare parts quality controlled by Dentsma is more than 6 months in normal usage.

Technical on Hand piece spare parts for NSK compatibility

NSK Handpiece compatibility parameter

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Mini head, Standard head, Torque head, Contra-angle, 6 holes motor, 4 holes motor