Ultrasonic Endo Activator

Ultrasonic Endo Activator

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Cordless Ultrasonic Endo Activator 40khz frequency.

With tips, and 135° high-temperature disinfection.

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cordless activator unit


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Product Description

Ultrasonic Endo Activator

An Ultrasonic Endo Activator is a dental instrument used in endodontic therapy, also known as root canal treatment. It is a hand-held device that uses high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations to assist in the removal of infected or damaged dental pulp, the soft tissue inside the root canals of a tooth. The device can also be used to help shape and clean the root canals, preparing them for filling and sealing.

The Ultrasonic Endo Activator typically has a small, slender tip that is inserted into the root canal and activated, producing ultrasonic vibrations that help to break up and remove debris. The device can also be used in combination with other endodontic instruments, such as hand files or rotary instruments, to achieve a thorough cleaning and shaping of the root canals.

Some benefits of using an Ultrasonic Endo Activator in root canal therapy include improved efficiency, enhanced cleaning and shaping capabilities, and reduced hand fatigue compared to manual instrumentation. The device can also help to improve patient comfort by reducing the amount of time needed for treatment and minimizing the number of instruments used.

Overall, the Ultrasonic Endo Activator is a valuable tool for dentists and endodontists, helping to improve the success rate of root canal treatment and ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients.


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