10:1 Endo Reciprocating Handpiece

10:1 Endo Reciprocating Handpiece

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10:1 endodontic hand piece for sale.

  • Push button, for hand endo files root canal treatment
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Endo Handpiece 10:1


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Product Description

10:1 endo hand piece

10:1 Reciprocating contra angle hand piece is used with hand files for canal cleaning & shaping.

Endo hand piece 10:1 is designed to perform root canal therapy efficiently and effectively. Watch-winding, oscillating movement keeps the hand file (K files) “floating” in the canal. It allows the operator to control coronal and apical pressure.

k files on endo handpiece

It is light-weight and slim design for better visibility and access to the treatment area.


  • Ratio:10:1 Reduction
  • Chuck type:Push button
  • Spray:External
  • Bur applicable:Hand use file
  • Rotation speed:MAX 4,000rpm
  • Rotation style:90° reciprocating rotate head
  • Feature:Speed reduction contra angle for root canal treatment

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