LED Dental Hand piece

LED Dental Hand piece

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LED Dental Hand Piece For Sale

LED Light Hand piece For Sale Online.

  • Hand piece cartridge and bearing NSK compatibility
  • Standard, and Torque head options
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Product Description

Dental hand piece with LED Light

A light emitting device is provided in a dental hand piece device for illuminating an area in the vicinity of a dental care tool at a tip of the dental hand piece device.

The light emitting device includes a light emitting section including a light emitting diode element and an electrode, and an electric power control section for controlling electric power to be supplied to the light emitting diode element via the electrode.

An electric current restriction element restricts the amount of electric current supplied to the light emitting diode element, and a reverse voltage prevention element prevents a reverse voltage from being applied to the light emitting diode element are both included in the electric power control section.

LED dental hand piece is option of standard, and torque head, they come to 3 water cooling. The cartridge and bearing are compatible with NSK.

LED Hand piece standard and torque head

Hand piece dental parameter

  • Material: Ti-coated
  • Rotation speed: 320,000~360,000rpm
  • Noise 53≤60dB
  • Light: 1 LED
  • Bur applicable: φ1.59~φ1.60 mm
  • Head size: Standard is compatible with NSK Pana max PAX-SU03, Torque is compatible with NSK Pana max PAX-TU03.
  • Connection B2/M4 dental chair
  • Chuck type: Push button
  • Water supply: 3 water spray

Additional Information


Standard, Torque


B2 two holes, M4 four holes