1:1 Contra angle Handpiece

1:1 Contra angle Handpiece

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Fiber Optic 1:1 Contra angle Handpiece For Sale Online

  • Inner water cooling system
  • Push button
  • Ratio 1:1 contra angle dental handpiece
  • E type connector
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Product Description

Fiber optic Contra angle handpiece

The 1:1 Fiber Optic Contra Angle Handpiece is a crucial tool for dental procedures, used alongside a micro motor or air-motor in clinical or pre-clinical settings.

With its built-in fiber optic illumination, this handpiece provides excellent visibility during treatment, reducing the need for external lighting sources and minimizing disruptions. Its efficient lighting and delicate touch enable swift, high-quality treatments that save time and increase productivity.

Speed 1:1 Contra-angle handpiece

To ensure the highest quality and efficiency, dental professionals rely on handpieces and contra-angles with fiber optic lighting, and this handpiece is the perfect choice for achieving optimal lighting and precision during dental procedures.

LED contra angle handpiece feature


Ratio 1:1 low-speed fiber optic contra-angle handpiece
Material  Stainless steel
Color  Silver
Rotation speed  40,000 min/rpm
Noise  ≤63dB
Bur applicable  CA bur:2.35 mm
Connector  E-type
Chuck type  Push-button
Water spray  Inner single water spray
Warranty Period  1 year