Fiber Optic High Speed Handpiece

Fiber Optic High Speed Handpiece

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Handpiece Head, Coupling KaVo multiflex
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Kavo Type Fiber Optic High Speed Handpiece with coupling

fiber optic high-speed handpiece for sale online

  • Compatibility Kavo Multiflex Coupling
  • Matching KAVO Quick Coupling
  • Fiber optic light
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Product Description

Fiber optic high-speed hand piece

The high-speed fiber optic hand piece is a precise device for efficiently and quickly removing tooth tissue with minimal pressure, heat, or vibration. It cuts the teeth swiftly, but it should be handled with prudence. High-speed dental hand pieces are available in a variety of designs and materials, but they always spin at 250,000 to 400,000 RPMs.

Attachment type, head size, light source (fiber optic lights), hand piece weight, and motor noise are among the characteristics that characterize high-speed dental tools. This fiber optic high-speed hand piece design is compatible with KaVo Multiflex Coupling at affordable prices.

Kavo system compatible high speed hand piece with light series

The high-speed hand piece comes with a 4 water cooling system.

4 Water Spray & Fiber Optical high speed dental handpiece kavo type

Clients have options of Mini, standard, and Torque head, and KaVo multiflex coupling 6 holes and 4 holes compatibility. The mini head 45° contra-angle hand piece is also available to choose options.

Please choose the suitable hand piece order No. with right coupling carefully you need.

high speed handpiece options


Handpiece model  KaVo Type Fiber Optic High-Speed Handpiece with coupling
Water Spray  4 water spray
Material  Copper
Bearing  EZO from Japan
Light Source  LED
Bur applicable  1.59~1.60mm

 Kavo Multiflex Coupling

Working Noise


Speed  300,000~380,000RPM
Warranty Period  1 Year

Additional Information

Handpiece Head

A06-TPQK, A06-SPQK, A06-MPQK, A06-45-MPQK

Coupling KaVo multiflex

K-Q2-M6, K-Q3-M4