Contra-angle Endo Handpiece

Contra-angle Endo Handpiece

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Contra-angle endo handpiece 16:1 for sale online

  • Gear ration: 16:1
  • Contra-angle design
  • For endodontics apex locator
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endodontic handpiece for apex locator online


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Product Description

Endodontic contra-angle handpiece for apex locator 16:1

Endodontic contra-angle handpieces are specialist dental implements used during root canal treatments (RCT) to clean and shape canals. In most cases, these tools can accurately drive endodontic files, preventing file breakage or binding. These handpieces work with your specific file system and other rotary equipment for unmatched results, whether they’re reciprocating or rotating. The contra-angle handpiece has 45-degree angulations for better accessibility and dexterity.

endo handpiece 16:1

16:1 contra angle endo handpiece catridge


Hand piece type  16:1 contra-angle handpiece for apex endo motor
Material  Stainless steel
Color  Silver
Gear ratio  16:1
Rotation speed  650min/rpm
Noise  ≤30dB
Bur applicable  2.35mm
Connector  Compatible with NSK-EADO-MATE TC2/D endo motor
Chuck type  Push-button
Torsion  ≥20N
Warranty Period 1 year