Endo Rotary Handpiece Speed 8:1

Endo Rotary Handpiece Speed 8:1

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Speed 8:1 ratio endo rotary handpiece micro head.

Feature: Push button, Contra-angle, Four holes water spray, International standard E-type connection.

Compatible with all brands of endodontic rotary files system.

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4 water spray endo handpiece reduction speed


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Product Description

Endo rotary handpiece, Micro head, continuous root canal procedures, reduction speed ratio 8:1

The 8:1 transmission endo rotary handpiece is powered by an electric motor with a maximum of 30,000 rpm rated at 40-3,600 rpm, allowing the endodontic handpiece to work in a continuous WaveOne model of endodontic files system. The design of the micro head enables access to the posterior endodontics treatment visibility.

Contra angle endo handpiece is available with a push button and fiber optic light source. It works with all brands of rotary endo files with the ratio of 8:1 speed, up & down movement and 360°reciprocating rotating.


• Electric E-type connection, driven by an electric motor

• Push button

• Glass fiber optic light technology

• Speed range (maximum 30k rpm electric-drive handpiece micro motor) 

• 8:1 contra angle handpiece:40 to 3,600 rpm

• Four-hole water spray with an anti-retraction system