Apex Locator Endo

Apex Locator Endo

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Electric endodontic apex locator for sale online

  • 16:1 contra-angle handpiece
  • Six working models adjustment
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Product Description

Electric endodontic apex locator

It is widely agreed that root canal therapy should take place only within the root canal system. This is only possible if the length of the tooth and the root canal is accurately measured.  The apical canal endpoint has been determined using a variety of methods. Taking radiographs has traditionally been used to establish the point of endodontic instrumentation and obturation termination.

The working length has become more exact, precise, and predictable because of the invention of electronic apex locators (EALs). For more than 40 years, electronic apex locators have been utilized in clinical practice to help detect the file location in the canal. A pair of electrodes is used to test the resistance to electric current at the root’s apex.

Apex locator in endodontic treatment has six working models.

six working model on electric endo apex locator

Apex locator function in detail, it comes in a 16:1 contra-angle handpiece.

apex locator function


endodontic apex locator packing