Interproximal Stripping Handpiece

Interproximal Stripping Handpiece

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Orthodontic interproximal stripping handpiece for sale online

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proximal stripping handpiece for sale


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Product Description

interproximal stripping handpiece

The removal of small areas of outer enamel tooth surface between two adjacent teeth is known as intraproximal reduction contra angel handpiece (IPR). It is a method of gaining additional space in order to achieve optimum tooth alignment. The selective removal of enamel proximally to allow space for tooth movement is known as interproximal reduction (IPR).

Contra Angle Orthodontic Dental Handpiece Kit

IPR can be used in conjunction with traditional braces or clear aligners, with treatment organised by the physician, or through lab services that use digital technology in some circumstances. IPR is a safe and effective way to make room for orthodontic tooth movement in cases of mild to moderate crowding. It’s especially good for addressing crowding in the anterior segment and can be used to reshape individual teeth.


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