Cordless Endodontic Motor

Cordless Endodontic Motor

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Cordless Endodontic Handpiece With Apex Locator For Sale Online

  • Feature of 10 custom programming and six working model
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Product Description

Reciprocating Endodontic Motor with apex locator

Endodontic handpieces are dental handpieces that are used to clean and shape canals during root canal procedures. These handpieces, whether reciprocating or spinning, are designed to drive endodontic files precisely and prevent binding of file breakage. It’s critical to check that an endodontic handpiece will function with your preferred file system and other operatory equipment before making a purchase.

This endodontic motor has ten custom programs and six working models, dentist can choose the suitable programs and models, and choose the right endo ratory files.


cordless endo handpiece with apex locator

  • Input voltage:AC100-240V 50Hz/60Hz..0.4A.
  • Max Output:DC 5V / 1A
  • Gear Ratio:1:1 Direct Drive
  • Range of torque:0.5 Ncm – 4.0 Ncm ( 5mNm – 40mNm )
  • Range of speed:120 rpm – 1000 rpm
  • Mode:10 custom programs and 6 working modes
  • Handle lithium battery:3.7V. / 1500mAh