45 Degree Conta Angle Handpiece

45 Degree Conta Angle Handpiece

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45° contra angle dental hand piece for sale online

  • 1:4.2 Speed Increasing
  • Fiber optical
  • 45 degree contra angle design
  • Quarto Spray and inner watering system
  • Push button
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Product Description

1:4.2 Speed Increasing 45° contra-angle hand piece

Oral surgery now has a new 45° contra-angle hand piece. It not only combines the benefits of surgical straight and contra-angle hand pieces, but it also provides significantly enhanced access and a better vision of the treatment site at the same time. Even in patients with reduced mouth opening, access to the molars is greatly facilitated.

high accessiblity 45 °surgical handpiece

The instrument can spin up to 100,000 times per minute, with a sophisticated cooling system and a compact attachment head taking care of all thermal impacts and allowing for unimpeded work. The 45° contra-angle hand piece is a pleasure to use. The working head almost immediately matches the angle of your index finger, and the needed movement is simply transferred a couple of imaginary millimeters parallel to the tip.

45 degree contra angle hand pieces is a 1:4.2 increasing speed, push button fiber optical and inner water cooling spray system, the options of mist and water jet spray are available for dentist adjust.

45° surgical dental handpiece feature


Hand piece ratio  1:4.2 Contra Angle Hand piece
Material  Stainless Steel
Body Coating  DURAGRIP
Working Temperature  ≤20℃
Water Spray  Quarto Spray
Rotation speed  168,000RPM
Noise  ≤68dB
Bur applicable  1.58-1.6 mm
Connector  E-type
Chuck type  Push button
Autoclaves  ≤135℃
Warranty Period  1 year