Dental Air Abrasion Unit

Dental Air Abrasion Unit

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Dental air abrasion units for sale

Dental Air Abrasion Unit Powered By Aluminum Oxide

  • Intentional standard 4 holes
  • KaVo, NSK coupling system options
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Product Description

Dental air abrasion hand piece

Air abrasion, sometimes known as “micro abrasion,” is a process of removing tooth structure that is regarded a viable alternative to the traditional dental drill.

An air abrasion hand piece is specifically designed to remove deterioration from a tooth so that it can be repaired with a filling. Air abrasion can also be used to treat fissures and discoloration on teeth, as well as to prepare tooth surfaces for bonding. A dentist uses an air abrasion hand piece to blast away decay by blasting a forceful air stream of microscopic, fine aluminum oxide particles onto the affected portion of a tooth.

Air abrasion dental hand piece watering spray cooling system will start to work when aluminum oxide particles spray to the intraorally teeth.

Dental air abrasion unit water cooling system

water cooling spray on air abrasion unit

The aluminum oxide air abrasion unit is options of international standard 4 holes, and KaVo, NSK coupling quick connecting system in 4 holes are available to choose from.

KaVo, and NSK compatibility air abrasion system will come to hand piece and coupling connector together.


  • powder:aluminum oxide & sand powder
  • powder size:30um-90um
  • water pressure:0.2~3.5Mpa
  • air pressure:0.25-0.6Mpa
  • Shipping weight:0.5 kg

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International 4 holes, KaVo Coupling Compatibility, NSK coupling Compatibility