Wave One Gold files

Wave One Gold files

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R25 wave one size

Wave One GOLD Single File For Sale

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Product Description

Wave One GOLD Single File

The Wave one Gold files are built using NiTi and designed for single-use, which means they can’t be sterilized after use. The single-use of the instrument prevents the device’s breakage due to torsional forces, maximizes surgeon efficiency, and promotes patient safety. The GOLD single file is used to clean and shape a canal in preparation for the ultimate obturation.

It can be effectively used on all root canals, with or without undercuts or T-shaped canals. Since the Wave, one single Gold file is available in four sizes of instrument tips and three working lengths (21, 25 & 31)mm. It provides enhanced flexibility and cutting efficiency in preparing any size root canal.

Wave One Gold reciprocating files feature

  • Size- R20,R25,R35,R45 and R20-45 (assorted)
  • Length- 21 mm,25 mm,31 mm
  • Package- 4 pcs/Pack, (Single or Assorted)
  • Torque-00 N/cm
  • Speed-350 rpm
  • Taper sizes-7 (R20 and R250, 0.6 (R35), 0.5(R45)
  • ISO Color-Yellow (20#), Red (25#), Green (35#), White (45#)
  • Applicable for-Cleaning/shaping/preparing root canal for final obturation

Wave One Gold reciprocating files size

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21 mm, 25 mm, 31 mm


R20, R25, R35, R45, R20-45