Endo Broken File Removal Kit

Endo Broken File Removal Kit

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Complete Endo Broken File Removal Kit Best Offer.

Endodontic application: remove the fractured endo files.

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Endo Broken Instrument Removal


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Product Description

Removal broken file instrument kit

The Endo Broken File Removal Kit is a comprehensive solution for removing broken or separated files during root canal procedures. Designed with the needs of endodontic practitioners in mind, this kit includes a range of tools and instruments to effectively remove broken files and minimize the risk of complications during endodontic treatment.

The kit features high-quality stainless steel instruments that are built to withstand the demands of clinical use. The included extractors and forceps are precision-engineered to provide optimal grip and control, even in the tight spaces of a root canal. The kit also includes a range of sizes to accommodate different file sizes and shapes, ensuring that practitioners have the right tool for every situation. The kit is also compact and portable, making it easy to carry and use in any clinical setting.

In addition to the practical benefits, the kit also offers a cost-effective solution for endodontic practitioners. With all the necessary tools included in one convenient kit, practitioners no longer need to purchase separate instruments, saving time and money.

Whether you are a seasoned endodontic practitioner or just starting out, the Endo Broken File Removal Kit is an essential tool for safe and effective removal of broken files during root canal procedures. Invest in the quality and convenience of this comprehensive kit today.

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