Blue Hand Use Niti Root Canal Files

Blue Hand Use Niti Root Canal Files

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heat activation in blue Handuse dental protaper files

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  • Protaper standard, plus heat activation in blue
  • Length: 21 mm, 25 mm
  • Option sizes- SX,S1,S2,F1,F2,F3
  • Package:6 pieces per box
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Product Description

Dental Protaper Files Handuse

The Dentsma Dental protaper files are composed of solid nickel-titanium, ideal for cutting and shaping root canals. NITI Hand use root canal files is heat activation in blue.

Because of their flexibility, Niti root canal files are suitable for shaping curved and tight canals. They provide high cutting efficiency, fracture resistance, increased flexibility, and cutting efficiency, particularly in more intimate or curved canals. We deliver them without charging any additional fees.

The Dentsma dental NITI root canal files are available in sizes ranging from SX-F3. Their maximum sterilization temperature is 135, and they come in a pack of six pieces.

  • Available Sizes– SX-F3
  • Available length: 21 mm, 25 mm
  • Maximum temperature of sterilization: 135
  • Rotary speed
  • Quantity: 6 Pcs/box (single or assorted)
  • Applicable for: cutting and shaping root canals


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21 mm, 25 mm


SX, S1, S2, F1, F2, F3, SX-F3