ProTaper Universal Absorbent Points

ProTaper Universal Absorbent Points

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ProTaper Universal Absorbent Points

ProTaper Universal Absorbent Points Wholesale Prices For Sale.

  • Size:F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, Mixed F1-F3 to choose from
  • 100pcs per box, length:30 mm
  • 100 box minimum per size, customized manufacturing products
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Product Description

ProTaper Universal Absorbent Points

The endodontic paper points are adapted and standardized for the size and sequence of the Protaper rotary endodontic system. They are used to removing moisture from canals after preparation during root canal procedures. These small pieces of paper should be highly absorbent and shaped to fit easily into the channel. It is important that the paper dots are sterile and sized according to the same measurements as the endodontic files so that the entire canal can dry. These points must also be strong so that they can be easily placed and then removed from the canal.

ProTaper absorbent stitches come in five sizes to fit all ProTaper Universal prepared canals and are color-coded for easy recognition.

  • Pre-sterilized for convenience
  • Box contains 100 points individually packed in 5-point cells
  • Pack size matches your average need for a canal treatment


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F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F1-F3 Mixed