Path Files Endo

Path Files Endo

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path files endo

Path files Endo Dental Wholesale Prices online

  • Size: 13#, 16#, 19#, 13-19#, 6pcs per pack
  • 10 pack minimum, free shipping
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Product Description

Path Files

Our Path files are manufactured with nickel-titanium alloy, making them autoclavable and durable. The flexibility of the file helps to ensure smooth and easy motion while placing it inside the root canal. The smooth surface of the file helps in easy sliding over surfaces, thus facilitating file movement within the canal. It is one of the most advanced endodontic instruments available in the market that comes with the latest technology and results in a high level of performance.

These files display an outstanding advantage over any other file’s ergonomic design, as it is easy to handle and manipulate. Path files by Dentsma are a perfect choice when working with curved and straight canals.


  • Sizes available– 13#, 16#, 19#, 13-19#
  • Length– 25 mm
  • Quantity– 6pcs/box
  • Application– Endodontic

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13#, 16#, 19#, 13-19#