Mounted Point Stone Dental

Mounted Point Stone Dental

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green mounted point stone dental laboratory

Mounted point stone for dental laboratory

  • HP Shank, white, pink, and green colors options
  • 100Pcs per box, free shipping
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Mounted Point Stone For Dental Lab

The stone-mounted polishing burs are high-quality burs that come in a variety of sizes and forms. Without the use of any additional tools, they give smooth and flawless dental model surfaces. Dental mounting point stone polishing burs are made of high-quality dental ceramic that lasts for a long time.

These are available in a variety of shapes and colors.

  • The green one is made up of silicone carbide which is medium grit and which is excellent for contouring and shaping porcelain materials.
  • The pink one is mad made up of aluminum oxide, which is medium grit and is suitable for all types of metals.
  • The white one is made up of pure aluminum oxide which is fine grit and suitable for grinding and polishing filling materials and composites.

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