FG Inverted Cone Bur Carbide

FG Inverted Cone Bur Carbide

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inverted cone bur carbide

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  • FG Shank, Inverted cone for high speed hand piece
  • Package: 5pcs per box
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FG Inverted cone carbide bur

Friction Grip Shank (FG) shanks are compatible with high-speed hand pieces used in restorative dentistry.

The FG burs are available in various shapes and sizes. The selection of bur is according to the dental procedure.

The inverted cone high-speed burs are suitable for Class 1 cavities floor and gingival walls in class 5 cavities.


FG Inverted cone carbide bur is manufactured with high-quality tungsten carbide.


FG burs are used for teeth grinding, sectioning, and removing bone. They are also used for flatting cavity floors and walls.

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