Zirconia Polishing Kit

Zirconia Polishing Kit

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3Z09.1 dental lab zirconia polishing kit for luster

Zirconia dental laboratory finishing and polishing kit.

  • 4 set options for better dental zirconia prosthesis
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Product Description

Dental lab zirconia polishing kit

The zirconia polishing kit has a variety of dental polishing burs used with slow-speed hand pieces.

The polishing burs bring the luster to the outer surface of the material and remove the surface irregularities.

The polishing kit can be reused after sterilization in an autoclave, and it also protects the dental tissues.


The dental lab zirconia polishing kit, manufactured with silicon rubber mixed with diamond grits.


Used for the polishing and finishing of zirconia crowns, bridges, and prostheses.

Zirconia Polishing Kit Packing List

3Z09.1 dental lab zirconia polishing kit for luster

  • 2 pcs diamond stone, green
  • 2 pcs diamond polishers, blue
  • 2 pcs diamond polishers, yellow

zironia dental laboratory polishing kit

  • 2pcs carbide dental hp dental lab burs
  • 4pcs dental HP diamond burs
  • 4pcs diamond stone polisher
  • 4pcs rubber diamond polisher
  • 1pc diamond disc mandrel

3Z00.3 dental lab grinding and polishing kit for zirconia

  • 4 pcs diamond hp burs
  • 1 pc diamond disc
  • 2 pc silicon polisher
  • 1 pc diamond polishing disc
  • 1 pc HP dental carbide cutter
  • 2 pc HP diamond stone (disc and taper)

3Z00.1 dental laboratory zirconia polishing kit

  • 4 pieces dental HP diamond burs (taper, inverted cone, disc, round)
  • 2 pieces diamond discs
  • 6 pieces diamond stones (wheel and disc)
  • 2 pieces diamond polishing burs
  • 5 pieces diamond twist polishers
  • 4 pieces diamond polishing wheels
  • 1 piece polishing brush wheel

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3Z09.1, 3Z00.2, 3Z00.3, 3Z00.1