Acrylic Polishing Kit

Acrylic Polishing Kit

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Dental lab acrylic polishing kit best deal online

  • Application of polishing and adjusting acrylic base
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Dental Lab Acrylic polishing kit


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Product Description

Acrylic polishing kit

The special series of polishing burs offer excellent finishing and trimming.

Dental lab acrylic polishing kit burs are available in various shapes and can be reused.

The polishing burs are compatible with the slow-speed hand piece.


The acrylic polishing burs made of silicone rubber polisher.


For the trimming and finishing of the removable and fixed acrylic denture.

Also used for polishing of acrylic baseplate.

Dental lab acrylic polishing kit packing list:

  • 32pcs silicon rubber HP polishing burs
  • 2pcs HP carbide burs cutters
  • 3pcs white buff polishing wheels
  • 10pcs clothing pads polishing brushes


Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 15 cm