Dental HP Carbide Burs Inverted Cone

Dental HP Carbide Burs Inverted Cone

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Iverted cone carbide dental hp burs

Dental Carbide Burs HP Shank, Inverted Cone Shape

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Product Description

HP Inverted cone carbide bur

Long Straight Shank (HP) bur has fine tungsten carbide grits for the controlled cutting and cavity preparation.

The head shape is inverted, which is suitable for the undercuts on the floor of the cavity and lateral walls.

The carbide burs produce less heat and protect the pulp from heat damage and accidental exposure.


The Hp inverted cone burs are manufactured with tungsten carbide.


It is used for cavity preparation, pulpal floor undercuts, and flattening of the gingival wall.

Dental HP Carbide Burs Inverted Cone Package: 10pcs per box.

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