Ceramic Polishing Kit

Ceramic Polishing Kit

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dental lab ceramic polishing Kit

Dental lab ceramic polishing kit

  • 5pcs per kit, and 35pcs per kit options
  • HP diamond burs, silicon rubber burs, diamond polishing wheel, and white buff polishing wheels are included.
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Product Description

Dental Laboratory Ceramic Polishing Kit

The ceramic polishing kit has polishing wheels and disks for the smooth finishing of porcelain.

The polishing wheels can be compatible with the slow-speed hand piece and can be used efficiently for final finishing.

They produce the smooth surface of restorations and onlays.


The polishing burs made of high-quality silicone rubber.


The ceramic burs are used for the polishing of porcelain crowns, onlays, inlays, and prostheses.

Dental lab ceramic polishing kit includes:

5pcs per kit

dental laboratory porcelain finishing and polishing kit

  • 1 piece HP dental diamond bur
  • 1 piece hp dental silicon polisher
  • 1 piece dental diamond polishing disc
  • 2 pieces white buff polishing wheel

35pcs per kit

dental laboratory kit for porcelain

  • 10pcs dental HP diamond bur
  • 4pcs polishing brushes
  • 8pcs silicon rubber polishers(6pcs taper and 2pcs wheel)
  • 3pcs silicon rubber mounted wheel
  • 6pcs taper dental hp mounted stone green color
  • 4pcs diamond disc with mandrel

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5pcs per kit, 35pcs per kit