Contra Angle Taper Burs Carbide

Contra Angle Taper Burs Carbide

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RA Taper fissure burs carbide

Contra angle carbide burs dental wholesale online

  • RA shank, Taper cross-cut flat end
  • 5pcs per box
  • 15pcs minimum, free shipping
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Product Description

RA taper cross-cut bur

Right angle taper cross-cut burs can be used with slow speed hand piece and offer excellent and fine cutting.

The burs are available in different sizes and color-coated bands that are specific to each restorative step.

The contra angle taper burs carbide can be easily placed and removed after use. They can be reused after sterilization.


RA taper cross-cut burs are manufactured with excellent quality tungsten carbide.


The RA taper cross-cut bur is used for tooth cutting, section, and restorative cavity preparation.

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