Articulator With Facebow

Articulator With Facebow

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Articulator and face bow kit in artex dental system

  • Fully adjustable articulator(same calibration as artex cr articulator)
  • Transfer plate kit
  • Face bow
  • Transfer stand
  • All accessories of the kit are artex dental amann girrbach compatible.
amann girrbach artex system face bow and articulator kit


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Product Description

Dental Facebow and Articulator Kit

This dental face bow and articulator kit fit Artex Amann Girrbach Articulator Dental System. Dental Face bow and Articulator Kit is an important tool in a dental laboratory. These dental articulators are being widely used for the diagnostic purposes and production of plaster casts. These articulators are mainly used to study occlusion and the occlusal pathologies related to it.

It is mainly used in the manufacturing of dentures; partial, complete, or removable. They are also used for designing occlusal-orthotic devices.

The dental face bow and articulator kit consists of four accessory components that are offered with the kit:

  1. 1-piece Dental Articulator Fully Adjustable Artex System Fit
  2. 1-Piece Face Bow Kit
  3. 1-Dental Transfer Stand Fit
  4. 1-Kit Row Teeth Platform

Sometimes it gets difficult to find and buy the different components of the dental articulator. We provide a complete set of dental articulators with their components, ready to use.

It is made up of composite stainless steel, and all its functional components are made up of high-grade aluminum. It is made up of the best quality material to ensure its sustainability. Its lightweight and compact dimensions make it easy to move and use wherever it is needed. The adjustment options make it configurable and increase its usage.


  • Net weight: 6.8 kg, Dimension package: 33×53×30 cm
  • Shipping weight:11 kg.

dental face bow and articulator package