Ceramic Firing Tray

Ceramic Firing Tray

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Porcelain ceramic firing tray

Wholesale furnace dental ceramic firing tray online for firing bridges and crowns

  • Extensive shape, height, big and small holes options
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Product Description

Ceramic Firing Tray

To fire crowns and bridges, the Honeycomb Firing Tray is employed as a platform.

It has four slots, making it simple to use with a tong. Furthermore, the pins ensure that the fire process is free of contamination. The pins are used to keep the crowns in place.

A firing tray placed in a furnace for dental ceramics with a plate for placing the firing material on it, where the plate is created as a foundation to improve the application options and the firing tray contains additional wall parts designed for placing a second firing tray on top of them to form a stack.

Ceramic firing trays are options various of dimension, height and shape for your dental laboratory.

types and size of dental ceramic firing trays

  • Round design with big holes: ¢50*8, ¢55*12¢, 60*10, ¢73*10, ¢80*10
  • Round design with small holes: ¢50*10, ¢60*10, ¢73*10, ¢80*10, ¢100*10, ¢150*14

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Big hole ¢50*8, Big hole ¢55*12, Big hole ¢60*10, Big hole ¢73*10, Big hole ¢80*10, Small hole ¢50*10, Small hole ¢60*10, Small hole ¢73*10, Small hole ¢80*10, Small hole ¢100*10, Small hole ¢154*10, Small hole cross ¢80*10