Model Base Fabrication Plate

Model Base Fabrication Plate

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Amann Girrbach Compatibility of Model Base Fabrication Plate Dental

  • Giroform Model System compatibility
  • Premium plate, Secondary magnetic plate, Quarter plate options
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Product Description

Model Base Fabrication Plate

The fabrication plate can resist the dimensional changes of dental plaster.

It provides a hard plate form that brings stability and maintains the shape of the dental model.

The base plate is compatible with the Giroform model system and has the central pins for attachment with the dental model.

Giroform model system Amann girrbach fabrication base are 3 types available to choose from here.

Model Base Former Amann Girrbach

  • Disposable premium plate
  • Secondary magnetic plate
  • Quarter plate



Model base plate fabricated with high-quality plastic.


The base plate is used for dental dye fabrication, base plate retention, and dimensional accuracy.

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Premium, Secondary magnetic, Quarter

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