Dental Sintering Beads

Dental Sintering Beads

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  • Diameter: 1 mm, and 2 mm
  • Package: 1000g per bag
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Dental Sintering Beads

Metals, ceramics, polymers, and other materials undergo sintering as part of the production process. The atoms in the materials diffuse over particle borders, fusing the particles together and forming a single solid piece. Sintering is frequently used to shape materials with exceptionally high melting points, since the sintering temperature does not have to approach the melting point of the material.

Dental sintering bread is used in the dental crucibles for the casting of dental prosthesis during the sintering process. This procedure involves heating and casting the prosthetic at high temperatures and pressures. During the sintering procedure in a dental laboratory, it causes no harm to the prosthetic. In a dental lab, dental sintering bread works well with zirconium crowns and bridges.

Sintering breads diameter options are 1 mm, and 2 mm available to choose from here,  they can hold up under heating up to 1700 ℃, and help control the prosthesis restoration shrinkage.

Zirconia sintering beads package: 1000g per bag.

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1 mm, 2 mm

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