Dental Cad Cam Wax

Dental Cad Cam Wax

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Dentistry CAD/CAM System, Heights, Colors
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dental cad cam wax

Wholesale prices of dental cad cam wax blocks;

Options: Wieland, open dentistry milling system, zirkonzahn, amann girrbach;

Color: White, Blue, heights from 10mm to 25mm;

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Product Description

dental cad cam wax

The dental cad cam wax block is the purpose for fabricating crown and bridge models.
The wax block surface features smooth, and there is no tension and air bubbles. Wax material burns out without a trace, it is an ideal material for casting metal and pressing ceramic ingots.
The dental cad cam wax disc has good machinability, ensuring wax chips in the dental milling machine are easy to clean up.

wax block heights:

We supply dental cad cam blocks that are compatible with wieland etc. open dentistry cad/cam milling system, amann girrbach, zirkonzahn. The heights range from 10 mm to 25 mm, you can select the right height together with the milling system and color here.

Open System Girrbach System Zirkonzahn System
98x10mm 89x71x10mm 95x10mm
98x12mm 89x71x12mm 95x12mm
98x14mm 89x71x14mm 95x14mm
98x16mm 89x71x16mm 95x16mm
98x18mm 89x71x18mm 95x18mm
98x20mm 89x71x20mm 95x20mm
98x22mm 89x71x22mm 95x22mm
98x25mm 89x71x25mm 95x25mm

Wax parameter

  • Color: Blue/White/
  • Hardness: 50-60(Shore “D” Scale) ​
  • Softening point: 105℃ ​
  • Drop Melting Point: 140℃ ​
  • Density: 0.89-0.95
  • ​Gray: 0.032% ​

Additional Information

Dentistry CAD/CAM System

Open for Wieland etc, Amann girrbach, Zirkonzahn


10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm


White, Blue