Spiral Cut Fine Carbide

Spiral Cut Fine Carbide

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spiral cut fine dental lab burs

Fine spiral cut dental burs for laboratory

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Product Description

Carbide burs fine spiral cut for dental laboratory

The Superfine cut fine burs (QF) by Dentsma are built with high-density fine grain metal and are used in dental laboratories to trim metals, acrylic, plaster, and contour. The long-life carbide burs ensure outstanding cutting performance and are distinguished by a red color ring.

They are available in 4 variants, and the length of each spiral-cut fine bur shaft is approximately 44 mm. Its diameter is about 2.35 mm, making it ideal for use in several dental procedures. By using our superfine carbide cutters, you will be able to finish your work in a short time with great precision and high efficiency.

  • Material-tungsten carbide
  • Ring color-red
  • Varieties available- 4
  • Application – dental laboratory

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spiral cut fine dental lab burs
spiral fine cut red ring
spiral fine cut taper carbide burs dental laboratory
taper round end spiral cut fine carbide burs dental laboratory

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