HP Taper Cross-cut Bur Carbide Dental

HP Taper Cross-cut Bur Carbide Dental

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Carbide burs dental HP Shank, Taper cross-cut

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HP taper cross-cut bur:

Long Straight Shank (Hp) taper cross-cut burs offer excellent cutting efficacy with long shelf life.

These burs are corrosion resistant and can reuse after sterilization in an autoclave.

The cross-cut burs are available in various sizes and shape, all are compatible with high-speed hand pieces.


The HP taper cross-cut bur is made of high-quality tungsten carbide.


Cross-cut taper fissure burs are excellent for sectioning teeth.

HP Carbide burs taper fissure cross-cut package: 10pcs per box.

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