Dental Digital Sensor

Dental Digital Sensor

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Dental Intraoral X-ray Sensors For Sale.

Tiny size enables provide comfortable fit into a patient’s mouth and presents images shown to be every bit as diagnostic as film radiographs.


  • External sensor dimension (mm) :39×27.5 mm
  • Sensor Active Area:30×22.5 mm

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intraoral dental digital sensor


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Product Description

Dental Intraoral X-ray Sensors

A Digital x-ray sensor provides superior imaging resolution and covers all your dental office digital image tasks daily.

The product contains a sensor, an adaptor, a USB connection cable, and dentistry software. Working together with an X-ray camera device, the product is used to get X-ray radiography in dental offices.

Thin, rounded, and beveled shape provides superior comfort for patients, both suitable for adults and children. The x-ray sensor is easy to clean after every application due to its smart tiny dimension, and sleek button with no crevices. Small intraoral x-ray dental digital sensors are designed to fit comfortably into a patient’s mouth, they provide images shown to be every bit as diagnostic as film radiographs.

With excellent imaging x-ray resolution, dramatically reduced radiation to the patient. The software is compatible with your existing dental office imaging system, and the software gives the dentist the ability to zoom into parts of the image in large and vivid effect, applying filters for enhanced diagnostics.

A dental digital sensor system achieves radiographs with no loss of dentistry treatment reference image required quality, as well as the convenience to send a high-resolution original digital copy to insurance companies or referral dental office partners.

feature of digital dental x ray intraoral sensor


  • Sensor: APS CMOS sensor
  • External sensor dimension (mm) :39×27.5 mm
  • Sensor Active Area:30×22.5 mm
  • Scintillator : GOS 675 mm²
  • Pixel size:18.5×18.5um
  • Effective Pixels:1.9M(1600×1200)
  • Sensor thickness:6 mm
  • Dynamic Range: 0~4,095
  • Power: 5V±0.5V
  • Image Transfer: USB2.0
  • Cable Length:≥ 3 m

Packing list

1. Manual x 1pcs
2. X-Ray Sensor and Control Box x 1pcs
3. Holder x 1pcs

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 55 cm