Dental Instrument Case

Dental Instrument Case

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  • Dimension: 20*14.5*3.5 cm
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Product Description

Dental Instrument case

Cassettes, which are used to disinfect and arrange dental tools, can be an important element of maintaining a successful dental clinic. Cassettes, which are commonly made of stainless steel or strong polymers, should safely store instruments in an ordered manner so that sets of instruments or hand pieces are always ready to use.

Most cassettes have perforations or perforated holes that make them excellent for sterilization and easy identification of the instruments inside. Your autoclave should be compatible with the cassettes you chose for your practice. It’s also crucial that they can securely hold your instruments in place so that they don’t shift or fall out as the cassette is moved around during practice.

Dental Sterilizer Case For Instrument Technical:

  • Dimension: 20*14.5*3.5 cm
  • Net weight: 500 g