Articulator Virtual

Articulator Virtual

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Fully adjustable dental articulator Artex dental system compatible.

Fully adjustable virtual articulator function:

  • Progressive lateral movement function for the transverse gap, adjustable from 0 to 1.5 mm
  • Progressive protrusion, adjustable from 0 to 6 mm
  • Adjustable progressive retrusion from 0 to 2 mm
  • Distraction for unloading compressed mandibular joints from 0 to 3 mm
  • Ideal for model analysis, fabrication, and correction of splints
  • Adjustable condylar guide inclination between -20° and + 60°
  • Bennett angle is adjustable from -5° to + 30°
fully adjustable articulators artex dental system


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Product Description

Fully adjustable articulator artex dental system

The Fully Adjustable Virtual Articulator is a significant piece of equipment in a dental laboratory which is used widely in the production and molding of dental casts and is a helpful diagnostic tool. Dental articulators are important tools to study occlusal pathologies and their outcomes. It is used in designing and production of partial, complete or removable dentures.

Available with an advanced centric design allows a centric lever for semi-axes. The Arcon clips prevent the articulator arms from moving unintentionally. It contains arbitrary pins for direct transfer with an Artex Face bow.

The Features of the Fully Adjustable Virtual Articulator are:

  • Retention of Magnetic Model
  • Vertical Dimension of 126 mm; 3 mm Distraction gap.
  • The disconnect guards prevent unwanted movements and make them secure during the procedure.
  • It is compact, precise to use and stable during the procedures.
  • The application of a dental face bow makes articulation easy.
  • Compatible with Amann Girrbach Artex System, and same fully adjustable function as Artex CR articulator.

Fully adjustable articulator allows cad/cam technician to design any customized restoration with occlusion, the virtual articulator enable to simulate any position of jaw movement and dynamic occlusion, the condylar angle, immediate distraction distance, benet angle, progressive retrusion, progressive protrusion are included on the virtual  articulator of simulation adjustment movement.

fully adjustable dental articulator function

fully adjustable articulator artex cr function

Artex CR System Dental Fully Adjustable Articulator is made as per the International Standard Protocols. It has an excellent quality, which makes it reliable and easy to use. Its body is made up of industrial stainless steel and functional parts are made up of aluminum. Artex CR System Dental Fully Adjustable Articulator is made up of the best quality material to ensure its sustainability.

Its lightweight and compact dimensions make it easy to move and use wherever it is needed. The adjustment options make it configurable and increase its usage. This Artex CR Types Of Dental Fully Adjustable Articulator is highly compatible with the Artex Amann Girrbach Articulator System.

Virtual articulator simulates jaw movement