Simple Dental Articulator

Simple Dental Articulator

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Simple dental articulator for sale

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simple dental articulator


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Product Description

Simple denture dental articulator

The denture dental articulator gives an accurate impression and is transferred with error-free calibration in different stages of dental processing.

This articulator is a very important dental instrument for a dental lab due to its multiple uses as an economical dental instrument. It has an upper and lower case and is fully adjustable by a dental laboratory technician as per need.


  • Denture dental articulator used in the complete and partial fabrication of dentures.
  • It’s used for the tooth setup and transfer of accurate jaw impressions.


The denture dental articulator is made as per the International Standard Protocols. It has an excellent quality, which makes it reliable and easy to use. It is made up of the best quality material to ensure its sustainability. Its lightweight and compact dimensions make it easy to move and use wherever it is needed. The adjustment options make it configurable and increase its usage.


  • Made of high-quality steel, has a supporting arm and upper or lower case
  • For error-free denture calibration and easy transfer of jaw relation
  • used for the transfer of efficient jaw relation, model stability, teeth setup in a denture, or for appliance fabrication.
  • The simple dental articulator is originally designed by an Italian dental technician.