Anatomic Lab Articulators

Anatomic Lab Articulators


  • It is an anatomic dental articulator for dental laboratory plaster model production.
  • Easy operation with needle for fixed position.
  • 0.6 kg/pc


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Product Description

Anatomic dental laboratory articulator

Anatomic dental lab articulator fixes the model casts or the impression of mandibular and maxillary teeth, showing determined positions of the maxilla regarding the mandible. These predefined estimations help in the fabrication of a few dental machines.

Dental lab articulators open and close in many positions evenly, where horizontal, lateral and protrusive jaw movements are animated. Several mounting plate attachment choices are accessible with this dental lab articulator.

Different dental lab articulators are utilized generally for specific lab procedures, so if you will possibly be using them for a single dental crown, dentures, unit bridge fabrication, splints, and orthodontics, try to choose this dental lab articulator that best accommodated your lab and practical work.

Anatomic dental lab articulators made by our company are made specifically to address your needs. These are made of top-of-line material but in an affordable range, which makes them used widely for the production of plaster models. The needle within it is used to adjust the plaster model for fixed positions. It is light in weight and compact, which makes it easy to handle and makes it more user-friendly.

Weight 0.6 kg


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