Desktop 3D Dental Lab Scanners

Desktop 3D Dental Lab Scanners

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Dental Lab 3D Scanner.

Key feature:

  • Method: non-contact scanning
  • Scanning Technology: Binocular grating
  • Camera resolution:2*3.0MP
  • Light source: Blue
  • Accuracy:<10um
  • Speed: Full Arch 7s, Jaw 6s, Upper /Lower Jaw 9s, 1 -8 teeth, 13s, Impression 50s
  • File format: STL OBJ
  • Match CAD software: EXOCAD etc. Open dentistry cad/cam software
  • Overall dimension: Length, width and height – 46*32*30 cm

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Shipping weight: 7 kg.

Product Description

3D Scanner Dental Laboratory

For more efficiency, dental professionals and labs are digitizing their dentistry workflows. Desktop dental 3D scanners are one of the keys to this digital dentistry transition.

A dental scanner is a digital device used in dentistry to capture three-dimensional impressions of a patient’s mouth. Through its software, teeth are recreated with a precision that far exceeds traditional molds, and this helps us in many treatments.

Thanks to this technology, it is no longer necessary to take those traditional impressions with alginate and plaster, which are an unpleasant experience for the patient.

The dental scanner is very useful for any type of dental treatment, but the three main beneficiaries should be highlighted:

  • Dental aesthetics: smile design is only possible thanks to the precision of its measurements and its ability to predict the final results.
  • Orthodontics: precision and predictability are what is needed in orthodontic treatments to manufacture perfect aligners.
  • Implantology: guided surgery allows us to place implants before dental, even in the most complex cases, with amazing results.

3d dental lab scanner in dentistry application

Some advantages offered by the dental scanner are the following:

  • Accuracy is greatly improved over traditional impressions. In this way, restorations and reconstructions and the need to repeat shots are avoided.

accurate 3d scanner feature

  • It is a very fast system, since the sending of records is immediate, and this shortens treatment times.
  • It is much more comfortable for patients, as traditional impressions can suffocate and even cause nausea that gives the patient a hard time.
  • Its 3D technology allows you to easily see the impression of the mouth and understand the entire treatment process. In addition, this way, it is also easier to follow the evolution of the procedure.
  • Its predictive capacity improves dental treatments’ success rates and helps achieve better results.

Accessories of the 3d dental lab scanner product list:

accessories of the dental scanner 3D