Dental Lab High-Speed Alloy Grinder

Dental Lab High-Speed Alloy Grinder

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Dental Lab High-Speed Alloy Grinder For Sale Online.

  • Power supply voltage AC110v/220v- 50hz 110v-60hz 10%
  • Power 370W
  • Rotational speed 18000rpm
  • Weight 23 kg
dental lab hight speed grinder with head


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Product Description

Dental Lab High-Speed Alloy Grinder

This high-speed cutting machine is specially designed for polishing and grinding all kinds of metals in dental laboratories.

It is equipped with a safety eye protector and lighting system to protect users.

This Turning Polishing Unit has double speed. Lower speed for cutting tools and double speed for polishing tools. Grinding wheels brushes or felts can be inserted into the cone-shaped tips.

It is a machine suitable for carrying out grinding and polishing operations on metals in the dental field. It has been expressly designed with the double speed option to take advantage of low average (1,400 rpm) working conditions, ensuring a good removal effect without overheating the surfaces, and a high medium speed (2,800 rpm) ensuring perfect polishing.