Dental Thermoforming Machines

Dental Thermoforming Machines

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Dental Thermoforming Machines For Sale Online.

  • Voltage:220V/50Hz
  • Consumption Power:925W
  • Heating Power:450W
  • Motor Power:1400W
  • Sheet Dimensions:Up to 6 mm thick
  • Round sheet:From Ø120 to Ø134mm
  • Square sheet:From 120x120mm to 130x130mm
  • Dimensions:180x230x290mm
  • Packing Size:200x250x300mm
  • Net Weight:4.88 kg
  • Pollution Degree:2
  • Protection Degree:IPX1 (Protected against splatter)
  • Noise Level:Motor ~90dB to 0.50M
Dental Thermoforming Machines


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Product Description

Dental Thermoforming Machines

Dental Thermoforming Machines or Thermoplastic Machines are molding machines for thermoplastic plates. They are used in the dental industry to make splints, baseplates, individual trays, crowns and bridges, and orthodontic appliances.

Dental Thermoforming Machines can adapt a plastic sheet to the shape of a model using heat and pressure.

Our vacuum forming machine is a self-contained unit that produces a strong vacuum without the need for a separate airline. The robust and modern design is ideal for producing vacuum-forming appliances (bleaching trays, mouth guards, splints, and retainers) in-house in just 5 minutes. Provides significant cost savings, quickly paying for itself.

The heavy-duty downdraft vacuum motor features a symmetrical heating system, achieving even heat distribution and corrosion resistance.


• Precise downward suction.

• System that distributes heat evenly.

• Adjustable, rust-resistant body.

• Special for a wide range of clinical applications.

• Non-rotating system that makes the operation easier.

• Compatible with all dental thermoplastics