Dental Polymerizer

Dental Polymerizer

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Dental Polymerizer For Sale Online.

  • Voltage:220V/50Hz,110V/60Hz
  • Power:140W
  • Pressure:5KG/c㎡
  • Weight:4KG
  • Size:19*15*21 cm
Dental Polymerizer


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Product Description

Dental Polymerizer

Polymerization is a chemical process by which monomers (low molecular weight compounds) form bonds to give rise to polymers (heavier, double, triple, etc.). A polymerizer is a machine that is used in the dentistry laboratory for materials that require polymerization processes, as is the case of dental prostheses and other elements in polymerizable acrylic material.

It is also useful for removing air bubbles that may remain in the piece. It is made of stainless steel and is suitable for hot or cold polymerization at a pressure of up to 2 kg/cm2.

Likewise, it has a double safety valve. Air inlet valve with non-return valve and hose with automatic closing.