Dental Sandblasting Equipment

Dental Sandblasting Equipment

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Powerful dental sandblasting equipment for sale online.

  • Voltage 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz
  • Power 50W
  • Pressure 8KG/c㎡
  • Weight 21KG
  • Size 33*38*47 cm
dental technician sandblasting equipment


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Product Description

Dental sandblasting equipment

This unit is used to polish the surface of porcelain crowns, it is the necessary equipment in the dental laboratory.

This machine is used in the dental laboratory to polish automatically, although at the end of the process a manual finish can be given, which works through a suction system and is later deposited in a filter tray.

Sandblasting equipment dental unit is a surface cleaning technique based on the projection of an abrasive material together with pressurized air. The sand was the traditional abrasive, from which the name originated.

Dental sandblasting equipment removes the coating, prepare the surfaces for the subsequent application of composites, clean the elements and carry out finishing operations.

Applications and recommended granulation:

• Orthodontic micro-retentions, 50 micro granulation prostheses

• Cleaning and recycling of supports 90 micro granulation

• Removal of cement from metal crowns, resin, and other materials

• Internal cleaning of inlays and inlays of ceramic and resin

• Cleaning or degreasing metal and ceramic when using the “intraorally ceramic repair” technique.

• Occlusal sandblasting for an interference fit, replacing the use of burrs

• Internal adjustment of crowns for positioning and seating

• Assembly of interproximal contacts

• Cleaning of cast parts

• Elimination of oxides

Dental sandblasting equipment shipping weight is 23 kg.

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