Splitex Key Articulator Parts

Splitex Key Articulator Parts

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Artex System Dental Articulator Splitex Key

  • It is compatible with all artex articulators series
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Splitex key and Splitex plate for amann girrbach articulator


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Product Description

Splitex key artex articulator system

This Splitex Key is specifically made for Artex dental system which makes it more compatible and easier to use as compared to the competitors. The Splitex key is mainly used to calibrate and adjust the articulator as per standards to get maximum output. The Artex Articulator Splitex Key optimize the efficiency of Artex. Splitex efficiently synchronizes all articulators in the lab in relation to each other allowing the model interchangeability. The accuracy of calibration is mind-blowing brought down to the figures below 10 μm.

This Artex articulator splitex key contains advanced magnetic retention plates that are attached to each articulator with resin using a key that calibrates, allowing magnetic retention for fast, easy, and multiple cast model removal and reuse.

The Artex articulator splitex significantly boosts production time and efficacy by decreasing both the number of articulators needed and catalogue costs. Artex dental articulator splitex key is designed and manufactured under standard international protocols. It contains great technical features and is easy to use.

The articulator splitex key is made up of Gold Standard category materials, using precise design to maintain its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Its lighter weight and adjustable height allow it to use easily everywhere it is needed, more aromatically.