Articulator Adesso Split System

Articulator Adesso Split System

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Adesso Split System articulator mounting

Adesso Split System Dental Mounting Articulator

  • With screw shapes of mounting plates: disposable and magentic options
  • Splitex key option
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Product Description

Adesso Split System Mounting Articulator

This Mounting Dental Articulator Unit is compatible with Adesso Split System and features 35┬░Codylar Inclination, 15┬░Benett angle, and Incisal Guidance Pin mark on 0-position.

Mounting dental articulator components are advanced designs with a screw-retained base. Articulator components of disposable mounting plates include magnetic mounting plates and a split calibration key.

Mounting plate Adesso Split comes in 2 models:

  • Model A: Screw Magnetic Mounting Plate
  • Model B: Screw Disposable Mounting Plate

This is made as per the International Standard Protocols. It has an excellent quality, which makes it reliable and easy to use. This is made up of the best quality material to ensure its sustainability. Its lightweight and compact dimensions make it easy to move and use wherever it is needed. The adjustment options make it configurable and increase its usage.

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Articulator, 50pcs disposable mounting plates, 2pcs magnetic mounting plates, Splitex key