Dental Prophylactic Air Polisher

Dental Prophylactic Air Polisher

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Dental prophylactic air polisher Kavo compatible

Dental prophylactic air polisher for sale online

  • Standard 4 holes and KAVO MULTfelx LUX coupling compatible
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Dental prophylactic air polisher

Your dental hygienist will recommend air polishing as a treatment. It’s a mild procedure that uses a focused jet of compressed air mixed with water and sodium bicarbonate or glycine granules. All of this is delivered via a tiny nozzle. While it is a painless and straightforward procedure, it has been shown to be very effective in removing stains from the surface of teeth. In addition, trapped food particles and plaque build-up between the teeth are removed.

The procedure is perfect for treating children and those with sensitive gums and teeth because it is so delicate and painless. Despite its benign nature, air polishing has the ability to remove some of the most stubborn stains from teeth.

The dental prophylactic air polisher can be sterilization at 135°, dentists have options of international standard 4 holes and KAVO MULTfelx LUX coupling compatibility in 4 holes.

4 holes KAVO MULTfelx LUX coupling compatibility

Kavo and standard 4 holes options

The standard product does not contain the coupling connector.

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Standard 4 holes, KAVO MULTfelx LUX coupling Compatibility