Handheld Digital Dental X Ray

Handheld Digital Dental X Ray

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Handheld digital dental x ray portable unit for sale.

Convenience, versatility, comfortable during the treatment process.


  • Tube voltage: 60kV
  • Tube current: 2mA
  • Cooling system: Oil cooling
  • Total filtration: 1.5mmAL
  • Target angle: 16°
  • Exposure time setting: 0.05-1.35sec
  • Tube focal spot: 0.7mm
  • X-ray field: 50mm(round-style)
  • Size of main body: 144.5(W)x222.5(D)x195(H) mm
  • Weight: 1.8kg
portable dental x-rays with a handheld


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Product Description

Portable Handheld Dental X-Ray

X-ray cameras are essential, diagnostic devices that offer precision information to detect any potential growth, hidden tooth abnormalities, cavities, and fractures, which contributes to a complete dentistry treatment plan.

This handheld digital dental x-ray is a small dimension size and portable. It provides comfort and convenience for dentists. A versatile handheld x-ray unit also improves patient treatment experience when taking the dentistry imaging process.

The exposure to radiation is quite lower. When a patient puts on a radiation vest on the neck, the dentist places the intraoral x-ray sensor in the patient’s mouth, taking the x-ray image at a safe distance, finally helping the patient recover a healthy smile.

The handheld dental x ray unit comes with an original south Korean lithium battery, a canon camera tube, and 2 years warranty.

Dimension: 144 x 222 x 195 mm, net weight: 1.8 Kg.


Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 16 × 25 × 22 cm

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