Air Scaler Dental

Air Scaler Dental

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Air Scaler Dental Hand piece KaVo compatibility

  • LED Light 4 holes
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Kavo MULTIFlex LUX Coupling compatible dental air scaler


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Product Description

Air scaler Dental Hand piece Sonic LED Light

Pneumatic scaler is the latest generation of scaler in the world. It removes dental calculus by converting pneumatic energy into vibration energy with a frequency of 6000-6500Hz. Because of its low vibration frequency and adjustable amplitude, the pneumatic air scaler makes customers feel more comfortable when operating!

A high-quality air scaler is a multifunctional tool in the dental clinic.

It has sharp sonic tip theta that can effectively remove the surface debris and dental structures.

The scaler has a tip along with the hand piece and fitting tool. The tip size depends upon the procedure.


The scaler is made of corrosion-resistant, cost-effective stainless steel.


The air scaler is used in the scaling for removing hard calculus and plaque.

The scaler is also used for instrument retrieval, and pulp stone removal in endodontic therapy.

The air scaler dental hand piece sonic is compatible with KaVo coupling connector in 4 holes with LED Light.



Dental Hand Scaler Equipment

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 20 × 8 cm