Dental Magnifying Loupes

Dental Magnifying Loupes

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dental magnifying loupes for sale

Dental magnifying loupes for sale online

  • The power of the LED bulb :3W
  • Light Intensity:15,000-30,000LUX
  • Continuous run-time:5 hours
  • The lifetime of the bulb:10,000 hours
  • Input Voltage:ac100-240v/50-60hz
  • Working distance:2.5 x (320-420 mm) / 3.5 x (280-320 mm)
  • Depth of field:2.5 x (90 mm) / 3.5 x (80 mm)
  • Field of vision:2.5 x (100 mm) / 3.5 x (60 mm)
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Dental loupes for dentistry

Magnification of the teeth Dentists and dental hygienists utilize loupes to improve their capacity to visualize what isn’t visible to the naked eye.

The loupes front has additional accessories of  headlight, the power is 3W, the battery can be continuous run-time in 5 hours after charged, dentistry loupes magnification are 2.5x, and 3.5x options.

2.5X 3.5X Dental Magnifying Loupes Plugin options

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X2.5, X3.5