Dental Loupes And Light

Dental Loupes And Light

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dental loupes and light

loupe for medical, dental hygienist

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Product Description

Surgical dental loupe

During a surgery or checkup that necessitates a near view, dentists and surgeons frequently use loupes with light. Surgical and dental loupes allow a doctor or dentist to view inside a patient’s mouth or body part while freeing both hands. When it comes to choosing the perfect pair of surgical or dental loupes, there are four crucial things to keep in mind.

  1. Working distance is correct.
  2. Knowing how depth of field works is essential.
  3. The field of view is the visible working area through your loupes.
  4. The magnification determines the size of the picture seen through a pair of loupes.

This loupe is also useful to dental technician in laboratory.


  • The power of the LED bulb :5W
  • Light Intensity:65000 lux
  • Continuous run-time:5 hours
  • The lifetime of the bulb:20,000 hours
  • Input Voltage:ac100-240v/50-60hz
  • Working distance:440-540 mm
  • Depth of field:2.5x-90 mm, 3.5x-80 mm
  • Field of vision:2.5x-100 mm, 3.5x-60 mm

Additional Information

Field of vision

X2.5, X3.5